End of the year update

After another eventful investment year, our yearly competition has finally come to an end. It has been an exciting year with lots of interesting investment opportunities, which some groups took full advantage of, while others failed to pick the right ones. To keep everyone excited, the top 5 of the competition will remain a secret until coming Thursday, where the winner of the competition will be announced. In this last weekly update, we will review the past year and zoom in on the portfolios of the groups in the top 5, the order is, of course, random.

Audacity made three very profitable investment this year. Firstly by riding along the major rally we saw this year by being invested in bonus certificates in the DAX and Eurostoxx 50, which yielded them a 15% and 23% respectively.  A bonus certificate is an exotic combination of options, which yields a bonus if the underlying product does not fall below a certain threshold. They also made a stunning profit of 22% on Adidas. The stock rallied 65% in the past 12 months, main reason being increasingly popular in the so-called athleisure fashion trend, where clothes and sneakers are designed for exercise.

Every year, there must be losers and some losers just keep on losing. Succes is een Keuze again is the biggest loser of the week with a return of -14.76%. This year we seemingly have ‘Quants-repetition’, as TMT Investments displays a near 100% loss in the ranking. However, TMT did not lose all their money, but voluntarily withdrew from the competition. Algorithm, often high in the ranking of biggest losers as well, had enough of losing and stopped investing at all.

Caerus Capital made significant gains on Moncler and Brent Oil. Moncler, well-known for their winter jackets, delivered them a return of 24%. After their IPO almost 4 years ago, the stock has been rising steadily, beating growth estimates time and time again. Investing in oil is often seen as complicated and risky business, but the gentlemen from Caerus Capital took their chances, which resulted in a return of 19% during the competition. Caerus Capital somehow managed to step in and out at right times in this volatile, flat year for oil.

Fides thanks their successes to an one-hitter this year. They made a 27% profit on a turbo on Gemalto. The Amsterdam based company is global leader in digital security. Gemalto has seen a very volatile year and ended nearly flat. Fides rode along on just the right moments.

Midas Investments has had a steady year, with solid investments yielding around 4%. Among them are Genmab, Visa and Alibaba. Genmab, a Danish biotech company, has two main approved medicines: one for leukaemia and one for myeloma, two types of cancer.  Visa also saw a strong year, gaining lots of market shares on their competitors, MasterCard and UnionPay. Alibaba also keeps surprising investors, beating growth estimates every time again.

The final group in the top 5 is of course the group Omega Investment, notorious for being in top of the competition with a stunningly low overall return. Omega Investment starting to carefully put their money in a well-chosen basket of ETFs, which kept their volatility low and thus gave them a high M2.

Curious for the final ranking, come to the end-of-year barbecue coming Thursday!

Written by Wout Konings