Investment Competition Winner: Omega Investments!

As everyone heard last Thursday at the competition announcement drink, Omega Investments is the winner of this year’s B&R Beurs Investment Competition! With only a small return of 0.19%, but an extremely low volatility of 0.46 they fully leveraged the advantage of the risk-adjusted M2 measure.

Together with the second and third place, Caerus Capital and Midas Investments, Omega Investments were the only ones to beat all major indices over the course of the year. Even though Caerus capital was very close to overhauling Omega, they chose to remain uninvested in the last week of the competition.

On behalf of Lemeng Li and me, I would like to thank everyone for reading our weekly updates, and look forward to next year’s competition! We have enjoyed reporting on the latest developments and highlights in the past competition and we wish our readers all the best with their investments in the upcoming year.
Written by Wout Konings