BUX Warm-up Competition Update #1

The BUX warm-up competition started last week, so let’s evaluate how our investors have been doing so far! We started the competition with exactly 100 enthusiastic players, which is a great amount. So great, that we’ve had to divide the group into two separate battles. Let’s see what you have been up to so far!

The German economy remains to grow steadily as industrial output jumped by 2.6% over the summer, showing a powerful upward trend. This trend has helped quite a few of our BUX’ers to get a nice return over the last week. Especially those using leverage made a nice profit by taking a long position in the German DAX. In the US however, an unexpected drop in the job market drove stock prices down just before the weekend. Luckily the markets quickly recovered and it didn’t hurt our investors all too much.

In less than a week, BUX’er MRBOBJAMESBOB has managed to get an absolute return of 47,37%! A very impressive performance for a ‘rookie trader’ who has only ever won one BUX battle before. One particular long position that was frequently opened by Reinier (MRBOBJAMESBOB) was ING Group, which has been doing well this past month. We hope this rising investor keeps up the good work.

It turns out that our noble HERTOG_CAN might be in need of attending a few more B&R Academies, as he made a loss of 16,20% last week. But things can still turn around, as we still have two weeks left.

A lot of BUX’ers in our warm-up competition have been trading Bitcoin, which the app itself describes as “the coolest kid on the blockchain”. This has indeed been a profitable investment for those who purchased it last week. We’re curious to see how this will pan out, as cryptocurrencies remain to be wildly speculative.

In the upcoming week we have the start of earnings season to look forward to, including reports from Delta Airlines, Domino’s and J.P. Morgan Chase. How will our BUX’ers respond to the outcomes? Stay tuned!

Top 5:

  1. MRBOBJAMESBOB (+47,37%)
  2. BUBBEL (+32,10%)
  3. DENNIS20121996 (+29,00%)
  4. WICKEDAAN (+19,28%)
  5. LYNDONHOFWIJKS (+18,82%)

Bottom 5:

  1. DAANKOENRAADT (-10,63%)
  2. WINIUSTY (-11,61%)
  3. MARTY555 (-12,87%)
  4. HERTOG_CAN (-16,20%)
  5. MEESMEIJ (-21,57%)