B&R Beurs 7 versus 7 Grassroots Tournament

Do you have people in your Investment Group that always brag about their football talents? Ready to show the rest your talents? Prove you are the best Investment Group at football? Time to settle this once and for all! It’s time for the first ever B&R Beurs football outdoor competition.

The minimal amount of players required is 7, however we recommend at least 9 per team. The teams can be mixed in both gender & investment group.

The costs for all the games together is ten euros per person. This includes drinks during and after the game.

The games will be played on the following dates at Antibarbari;

– 06-02-2019
– 06-03-2019
– 03-04-2019
– 08-05-2019
– 22-05-2019

You can subscribe for this event by sending an email to activities@bnrbeurs.nl with all the players for your team.