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Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst

Founded in 2002, the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association is the global authority in alternative investment education. The CAIA Association is best known for the CAIA Charter, an internationally recognized finance credential and the gateway to a network of more than 8,700 alternative investment leaders in almost 90 countries.

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Distinguish yourself with knowledge, expertise, and a clear career advantage – become a CAIA Charterholder. CAIA® is the globally-recognized credential for professionals managing, analyzing, distributing, or regulating alternative investments.

Successful completion of two exams and Membership in the CAIA Association puts you among an elite group of more than 8,700 professionals worldwide. And, your education doesn’t end once you’ve passed and joined. Membership keeps you current and connected.

Earning the CAIA Charter is an investment in your career.

Relevant: Learn what you need to know for success and credibility in alternatives.
Current: Program materials are reviewed and updated regularly.
Efficient: 75% of Candidates who earn their CAIA Charter do so in 12 to 18 months.
Comprehensive: Two exam levels cover everything from the characteristics of various strategies within each alternative asset class to portfolio management concepts central to alternative investments.

What exactly is covered?
Level I: Assesses your understanding of various alternative asset classes and your knowledge of the tools and techniques used to evaluate the risk-return attributes of each one. Level II: Assesses how you would apply the knowledge and analytics learned in Level I within a portfolio management context. Both exams include segments on ethics and professional conduct. View the CAIA Charter Curriculum, or sign-up for an Infosession to learn more.

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A certificate program offering a foundation of core concepts in alternative investments, Fundamentals of Alternative Investments fills a critical education gap when you need to understand the ever-changing landscape of alternative investments.

In a self-paced, 20-hour, online course, Fundamentals offers a base of knowledge in alternative investments to help you or your team comprehend, discuss, and position these asset classes with your clients. Designed for anyone who wants to build a functional knowledge, the Fundamentals of Alternative Investments certificate program is recommended for financial advisors, individuals in administration, operations, sales or marketing, legal counsel, and journalists.

Why Fundamentals?
New instruments and asset classes are making portfolio construction more complex, adding a variety of options for generating returns and protecting downside risk. The Fundamentals certificate program gives you:

Access: Presented in an engaging, conversational video format
Flexibility: 20 one-hour modules online, plus a bonus module on liquid alts
Accountability: A quiz requiring 70% proficiency at the end of each module confirms your understanding
Knowledge: Created and taught by CAIA’s alternative investment experts
Coverage: Your guide to the core concepts in alternative investments
You learn at your own pace (complete the program within a year) and are eligible for continuing education hours for the CIMA®, CIMC®, CPWA®, and CFP® designations.

What does it cover?
Topics include portfolio construction, risk management, due diligence, hedge funds, private equity, real estate, and much more. Download the full description of the FAI modules.

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