Committees B&R Beurs

Everything B&R Beurs does is made possible by the great support of all our committee members. Joining a committee will enrich your student life and will make your time at B&R Beurs even better. This year B&R Beurs has eleven different committees.

Committees 2016/2017


The Academy Committee is responsible for hosting the academies. Hosting an academy takes more effort than one would imagine at first glance. Tasks include preparing a storyline, preparing learning objectives, preparing slides, presenting the Academy, and writing the Academy article afterwards. Next to this, the Academy Committee is involved in other projects such as the B&R Investor Certificate and the Investment Guide.

  • Adalberto Grigolini
  • Paul Hendriks
  • Pavel Kalinin
  • Alex Paganini
  • Stefan Piech
  • Iwan Rikken
  • Eckhart Vlaming

The Activities Committee organizes the social activities during the year. This entails, but is not limited to, beer tasting, wine tasting, movie night, Christmas dinner, Social/Themed drinks, Euronext trip and the Excelsior student cup. Their challenge is keeping all the activities fresh, fun and accessible.

  • Hakan Altunbaş
  • Berend Boshouwers
  • Arthur Camps
  • Julian Neijzen
  • Rianne Reus

Every year has a lot of highlights. The Almanac Committee captures all these in the “almanac”, a yearly book that is published at the end of the year. The committee is not merely responsible for writing the entire book and acquire content, but more broadly for capturing the entire societies’ year. History lives on forever, just like the almanac.

  • Joost van Esch
  • Mathilde de Jonge
  • Daan Koenraadt
  • Veroniek Visser

The alumni committee has two main tasks, maintaining/updating the alumni database and organizing our yearly alumni event. Besides these tasks, the committee will brainstorm about opportunities to enthuse and connect with our alumni, these ideas will be formalized and executed when possible.

  • Niels Boerkamp
  • Thomas Guth
  • Sophie Steijns

The Career Committee is responsible for the career activities of B&R Beurs. They will help our members with their job and internship applications by for example checking their motivation letter or CV. Besides that, they are responsible for organizing the career events in the Roadmap to the Financial World series. Lastly, the Career Committee is responsible for several in-house days.

  • Nieck Boeding
  • Tobias Grabinger
  • Paul Hendriks
  • Dennis van Iersel

The Design Committee supports the other committees of B&R Beurs by designing the content other committees need. An example of this is the design made for the Investment Week & Symposium. Besides this supporting role, the Design Committee is also responsible for the B&R Magazine published three times a year. In order to design these materials, each committee member follows courses on Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop. This way, the Design Committee ensures that the promotional materials of the society looks good and professional.

  • Ahmed Mustafa
  • Sander Sedee
  • Renate Sonneveld
  • Adnaan Willson

The Editorial Committee is responsible for the investment-related content of B&R. The committee writes the Weekly Update of the Flow Traders Investment Competition, in-depth articles, and the content for the magazines. Mostly, they are busy following financial markets and researching interesting investment opportunities for our members.

  • Wout Konings
  • Lemeng Li
  • Alexandre Matoso
  • Radu Simion

The entire world is becoming more and more digital. B&R Beurs, in that regard, is not different. Therefore, the ICT Committee’s main responsibility is securing the IT-infrastructure. This includes maintaining our websites, managing data, safeguarding our IT, keeping up our hardware and lots of other tasks. Besides that the ICT Committee supports other committees, for example the IW&S Committee.

  • Reinier van der Gronden
  • Sebastiaan Smits
  • Adnaan Willson
Introduction Period

The Introduction Period Committee (IPC) is responsible for the Introduction Period and the Introduction Weekend. Many hours of work are put into showing new students what B&R Beurs is all about and how it can provide a great experience for all financially interested students. However, their hardest task by far is organizing and overseeing the Introduction Weekend.

  • Philip van Kinschot
  • Ahmed Mustafa
  • Julian Neijzen
  • Floris Paasman
  • Sebastiaan Quint
  • Sander Sedee
  • Sebastiaan Visser
Investment Conference

The Investment Conference committee organizes a new event in cooperation with the EFR. After last year’s great succes, both associations decided to continue this fruitful collaboration and make the investment conference a yearly event.

  • Hanna van Holten
  • Evita Hoogeveen
  • Colin Lodewijks
  • Stefan Mihailovic
  • Jelmer Quist
  • Sebastiaan Siersema
Investment Week & Symposium

The Investment Week & Symposium Committee is responsible for organizing the biggest student investment event in the Netherlands. This recruitment event brings exclusive companies with limited exposure to our campus, such as hedge funds and private equity firms. Its height is reached during the Symposium, which brings over 600 students, with an interest in finance, together to listen to speakers from exclusive asset management firms.

  • Inge van der Aalst
  • Jasper Bal
  • Gwendoline Eijsvogel
  • Sebastiaan Smits
  • Sebastian Snijders
Study Trip

The Study Trip Committee organizes the yearly study trip. They oversee not only the program but also the location, transportation and stay. Every year they are faced with the task of finding a unique and affordable location, which is quite a challenge.

  • Joost Helbing
  • Felix Labree