A family within B&R Beurs consists of members of multiple investment groups, preferably all the members of participating investment groups. The families have a central theme or interest, which can vary from a passion for politics to a shared interest in drinking. The board of these families are democratically chosen, but if the family contains entire investments groups, the chairmen of the participating investment groups will collectively be the board of the family. These chairmen will have two meetings a year with the board.

The bonding within the families is of vital importance to the success of the family concept itself. For this, the board of the family is responsible. Besides the bonding within the family, the families should also have a relationship with B&R Beurs. To facilitate the bonding with B&R Beurs, the board is prepared to fund activities that stimulate the relationship between the family and B&R Beurs. The size of this fund will be announced to the board of the families. Every activity of the family must be approved by the board in advance. Before the event takes place, both the event and its finances should be presented to the treasurer of the board. During this presentation, it will be determined if and to what extend the fund is applicable to the activity. After the event, all costs of the event should be handed over to the treasurer.

All families and its members should be registered. There is no maximum amount of members within a family. Families are allowed to have there own finances. Participants are allowed to put their contribution in a family account. It is forbidden to trade with these contributions, because families are overall not allowed to trade.

We currently have three families: Aquilae, Feminae Futuri and La Familia Fortuna.

If you have any questions or if you wish to start a new family, please contact the treasurer at treasurer@bnrbeurs.nl.

Families of B&R Beurs

At the start of the academic year 2015-2016, the B&R society was disrupted by an epic collision between two of B&R Beurs’ most infamous investment groups: Merx and Hercules. This new family was named ‘Aquilae’, which is Latin for ‘Eagles’. Mercury and Hercules both were sons of Jupiter, the god of sky and thunder and king of the gods, who in ancient history was frequently pictured as this iconic animal.

The start of the family wasn’t as smooth as the chairmen of the two investment groups had foreseen. There was some rebellion, some mutiny but in the end it all worked out pretty well. Over the past year we organized two events with one event waiting.The first event was a well-organized and delicious sushi dinner, consisting of Futomaki’s, Hosamaki’s, Uramaki’s, Nigiri’s, Teriyaki and lots of other exclusive, expensive and delicate food.

The second event was just as successful as the first one. The family organized a cocktail night in a private loft, close to the old harbor. There were lots of booze, fruits and gentlemen for the ladies of the family! Among the cocktails were ‘Adios Motherf*ckers’, ‘Sex on the Beach’ and ‘Whiskey Sour’ which went over the counter as hot sandwiches.

Lastly, Aquilae will organize a beer pong tournament in which the fire from both investment groups will be combined in different teams, fighting for the honor of ‘Best Beer Pong Team of Aquilae’!

It was a good year!

The board of 2017/2018:
Berend Boshouwers – Chairman Merx
Wieke van der Lugt – Treasurer Hercules

The board of 2016/2017:
Sebastiaan Visser – Chairman Merx
Bart van Elk – Chairman Hercules

The board of 2015/2016:
Ruben Jakobs – Chairman Merx
Marvin Burghardt – Chairman Hercules

As we all know, within the investment world women are rather scarce. The same applies to B&R Beurs, although more women are joining the society every year. However, it can sometimes still be hard to find an investment group which is open to female members and suits you as well; to not find yourself being the only woman surrounded by men during the social drinks. We believe it is time to come up with more ways for women to network with each other. The most ideal way to unite women with the same interests, is by establishing a new so-called “family”, which will be exclusive to the female members of our beautiful society. For the first time in B&R history, a females-only family under the name of Feminæ Futuri, has made its entry into the society. “Women of the future”, as it translates to, conveys the very essence of the group: the ambitions and personal goals we seek to achieve. Currently, the group already consists of a few active and very enthusiastic members, but we really hope to see the number increase during the year. Every female member of B&R Beurs is free to join Feminæ Futuri! We will organize some very fun activities and social drinks.

Do you ever feel like you could use some more female company during your time at B&R Beurs? Are you excited to meet fellow enthusiastic, fun and ambitious women besides your own investment group? If you are interested, or have any questions whatsoever, do not hesitate and approach us during one of the drinks or join our Facebook group by clicking here.

We look forward to meeting you!

The board of 2017/2018:
Mathilde de Jonge
Chen Chen Chao
Veroniek Visser

The board of 2016/2017:
Francine van der Wansem
Sophie Steijns
Jessy Lee
Emilia Mertens

In order to encourage the interaction and bonding among the investment groups within B&R Beurs: the family concept was introduced this year. Not many members have heard about the very first family within B&R: “La Familia Fortuna”, an alliance between CFQ and Floryn Traders.

It takes time for a family to build up a reputation. The Houses of Medici, the Rockefeller’s and the Rothschild’s did not pop up in one day. Similar rules apply to the Fortuna’s. However, we expect that our family will reach astronomical value in the years to come as our members spread their wings to fly out over the world in the coming years.

For some M&A deals you do not have to explain the strategic and economic reasoning because the value created is just so obvious. The forming of “La Familia Fortuna” is an example of a deal where the associated synergies are just so significant. But because we do not overestimate your Investment Banking skills, we will gladly explain the background of the most significant transaction of a decade.

This year we organized several social activities; the introduction activity took place in Locus Publicus last February. The Fortuna members got the chance to introduce each other by enjoying several specialty beers. In April a Fifa tournament was organized; after some tense matches, with shouting, someone (almost) crying, and corrupt referees, Michael the Koning was the winner of the evening. I June we are planning to organize our own paintball activity. The ties between our investment groups definitely tightened as other less official events were also organized.

This mega merger between two power houses of alpha males and future highflyers is already a grand success. We expect that ever more of the enormous, synergetic potential will materialize over the years to come.

We would like to honor the two men responsible for this transaction. They can easily be compared with the likes of James Pierpont Morgan, Carl Icahn and Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

The board of 2016/2017
Max Hollemans – Chairman CFQ
Arjan Verheijen – Chairman Floryn