Grey Matter Capital

Grey Matter Capital is founded by a group of students who have a keen interest in investing and developing a solid knowledge about portfolio management. As a group formed by social and open-minded people, we welcome any member who wants to combine learning how to generate returns within a social environment.
Our members participate in the direction of the portfolio by pitching and presenting investment opportunities. Analysts are expected to perform both a fundamental and technical analysis to justify their reasoning. Of course, less-experienced members will get all the aid they need to eventually perform such quantitative and qualitative research individually. We have created a certain asset allocation strategy where we divide analysts into certain pools linked to securities and industries. These pools will be rotated so that each analyst can have a taste of every function of investing.
And yes, we do love to socialise next to making some filthy stacks of money; we organise drinks after our weekly meetings and other social activities. The vision of this investment group is to actively participate in investment debates to create a certain level of knowledge. If you feel that you should be an analyst at our group, feel free to introduce yourself to any of our members or send an email!
Board 2017/2018

Chairman: Dersim Güzel
Treasurer: Carlo Sjak Shie