Investment Groups

You can either join an existing investment group or create one at the beginning of the academic year. You have to be a member of B&R Beurs to join an investment group.

English Aequitas Capital
English Algorithm
Dutch Alpha Investment Group
English ATC Investments
English Audacity
Dutch Batavia Investments
Dutch Borsa Valori
Dutch B.R.O.O.D. Beleggers
English Caerus Capital
Dutch CFQ
English CMG Investments
Dutch Conquistadores Capital
Dutch Fides Investments
Dutch Floryn Traders
Dutch Floryn Vrouwen
Dutch Hercules
English International Economics Groups
English K2 Capital
English Liquid Gold
English MBA Investors
English Mercury Investments
Dutch Merx
Dutch Metrics Fund
English Midas Investments
Dutch MOB Investments
Dutch Negotium Novum
 Dutch Next Generation
 English Oakmont
 Dutch Omega Investments
English Pirates Investment Fund
English Phoenix
Dutch Porto d’Oro
Dutch Primus
English RandR Finance
Dutch Rising Investments
English Skybridge Capital
Dutch Succes is een Keuze
English Taurus Investments
English TMT Investments
English Wolves of Rotterdam