Aequitas Capital

The dragon is sleeping, don’t wake up the lion.

Aequitas Capital takes a different approach than those most commonly used by investment groups.

We do not waste time on formalities and structural issues, bureaucracy never made anyone happy or rich. Spontaneity and creativity are core values of any Aequitas member, we do not organize drinks, they come with every meeting and we do not need proposals, we call ours leaps of faith.

Preferring to make quick, short-term trades and put a lot into risky penny stocks, Aequitas is not always a group for those who desire stability and conformity. When all else fails, in Elon Musk we trust!

We prefer to see ourselves as a group of friends, where every success or failure is celebrated with a few beers and a lot of laughter! Our name represents the concept of fairness and equality, meaning all our members have a say and a job. If you’re interested, do not hesitate to approach us, we’re usually the loudest people in the room.

Finally, quoting Shakespeare, a long-term Aequitas member: The dragon is sleeping, don’t wake up the lion. Aequitas is just getting started.

Board 2016/2017

Chairman: Tomas Attfield

Board 2015/2016

Chairman: Ilari Häikiö
Treasurer: Tomas Attfield