Caerus Capital

caerus is the personification of opportunity.
Caerus was founded a year ago by seventeen brave Master students that were hoping to build a network of similar-minded friends and investment partners. Being a founding member of this fund, I want to use my remaining words to share the spirit of Caerus with you…
– ONE: One of two key values is friendship. I was able to call every member of the group my friend and we have shared several adventurous memories.
– TWO: The second key value is performance. We aim to top last year’s ranking finishing second in the competition. This year we also plan to cooperate with some guys from the industry which will hopefully give us another edge.
If you feel ready to join Caerus Capital, let us know at one of the introduction drinks!
Board 2017/2018

Chairman: Yang Tran
Treasurer: Casper Valkenburg

Board 2016/2017

Chairman: David Damjakob
Treasurer: Yang Tran