International Economics Group

IEG is the first and largest B&R Beurs group for economics students. Our vision is to bridge the gap between your economics books and the financial market. Anything related with currencies, interest rates, and business cycles is our business. Our economics approach to investment makes of us an innovative and open group, ready to put in practice new ideas. To reach this objective we recruit only students with an economics background or that are currently studying economics. But life is not only business! In IEG we truly believe in a very simple concept: “First we build the group, and then we build the portfolio”. Every month we are having a monthly group event which consists of fun activities, dinners and going out. Moreover, every second week we gather to have some drinks and we are well known for ordering way too many beers. If you agree with our vision and you are an economics student join us and together we will model our victory.

Board 2016/2017

Chairman: Sam Hoey
Treasurer: Daniel Diniz