Mercury Investments

Mercury Investments is a newly founded investment group with 13 members.

Our group is a nice mix of international and Dutch students from various studies. With both bachelor and master students, the group has a good balance between more and less experienced “investors”, a situation from which we all have profited.

Since all our group members joined B&R Beurs at the beginning of the year, the concept of having group dinners and investment proposals was new to all of us. But with the guidance of Eckhart Vlaming, we quickly adopted these B&R traditions and eventually found the right balance between investing and social events.

The motto of “balance” also applies to our investment strategy: While we have had some long term investments such as ETFs in our portfolio, our best trades were actually very spontaneous and short term.

Unfortunately, we did not manage to enter the profit zone in the end, but we are certain to achieve this in the upcoming investment period. Nonetheless, we have had great fun in our group and learned a lot about investing.

Board 2016/2017

Chairman: Casper Joling
Treasurer: Rowan de Lange

Board 2015/2016

Chairman: Ben Reinitzer
Treasurer: Demi Verloop