Taurus Investments

Per aspera ad astra.

Taurus is an alternative investment group specialising in commodities, derivatives, leveraged investment products and as well as less complex securities. Our approach is based on the pursuit of profit maximisation using a spectre of trading strategies from day to position trading, at the same time focusing on downside risk limitation. We put emphasis on thorough research. The main aim is to educate members through active trading rather than passive observation.

We achieve this by splitting our members in several groups, each focusing on the markets they are more interested in. If you are interested in trading & active investments, and want to learn by doing, we are a group offering exactly that!

Unlike traditional investment groups, we offer a distinctive egalitarian structure and vision that empowers every member where their proposals are really executed and not unheard.

Mail: taurus@bnrbeurs.nl
Board 2016/2017

Chairman: Stefano Blaschke
President: Anastasia Mirkina
Treasurer: Timur Davilov