TMT Investments

TMT Investments originated this year, with enthusiastic students from all over the world who came together at B&R to learn more about investments. We all share our interest in finance and are eager to learn as much as possible within the scope of the investment competition. The start is never easy as some members are more experienced than others and interests are spread. However, after the formation of industry specific groups, meetings to discuss investment proposals and the help of the B&R academies we managed to get insights into the volotile stock market. One major reason for success was the balance between different origins, knowledge and interests that we used to help each other exploit investment opportunities. We can now say that we gained insights in the financial world together by balancing our strengths. Of course B&R is competative, but also the range of social events encourage friendships and create unique bonds between as well as within investment groups. At the end of the day the mentality of TMT Investments has one central theme – learning while enthusiasticly engaging.

Board 2016/2017

Chairman: Joris van Kersbergen
Treasurer: Joost Wilmink

Board 2015/2016

Chairman: Johannes Ottmann
Treasurer: Jean Martin-Monier