You can become a member of B&R Beurs during the regular promotion time in August and September. You can also become a member during the rest of the year, but we cannot guarantee that you will become part of one of the Investment Groups. Students coming back from exchange and internships still have the possibility to become a member after their return. You become a member by filling out the subscription form below. Once registered online, you will be automatically subscribed to our newsletter. If you join at the beginning of the academic year, we recommend that you attend our introductory events to get to know the Investment Groups. If you subscribe after the introduction period, you will be contacted about the possibilities to join an Investment Group.

The membership fee is €49.50 per academic year per member. This fee gives you access to all our drinks and activities. Note that our activities are either free or at a large discount. The membership fee is only a small yearly participation to gain access to a great society with great events. There also is a one-time subscription fee of €10.00.

The membership itself will be automatically extended at July 1 by another year and the annual membership fee will be automatically withdrawn from your account. You can end your membership by sending an e-mail to the secretary via That has to happen before the July 1 of the year before the year you wish to end your membership.

You can only consider your membership ended when you have received a confirmation e-mail from the secretary.

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