One of the main pillars of B&R Beurs is education, this is where our students distinguish themselves from others and what makes B&R Beurs attractive. As a partner of B&R Beurs you can contribute to this process by giving a Professional Academy. During the academy, you can pass on your company’s insight in the market to our students.

Not only is the transfer of knowledge mutually beneficial, but the academy is also the perfect opportunity to present your company to our students.

B&R Beurs has the so called ”academy tracks”, which consist of three academies each. Academy 1 of each track will introduce our members to the topic and help them get a feeling for it. Academy 3 will cover advanced topics, and the second academy covers the parts between academy 1 and 3. The academies are separated into the following six tracks:

Fundamental Analysis: This track will teach our members about the underlying drivers of the value of companies. Our members will learn how to spot good (cheap) companies and how to deal with special situations such as a merger.

Algorithmic Trading: Here you will learn how to build a good trading algorithm.

Derivatives: This track gives an insight in how turbo’s, options, futures and many other financial products work.

Macro Investing: Macro Investing covers topics like foreign currencies, commodities and interest rates.

Portfolio Management: This track teaches our members how to manage a portfolio properly.

Alternative Investments: Here our members will learn how a private equity fund or a hedge fund works.