Flow Traders Investment Competition: The Party Continues

Equities worldwide increased in value last week, with U.S. indexes rising to record highs. The S&P 500 gained 2.6% and passed the 2,700 points, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped over 25,000. The STOXX Europe 600 increased by 2.1% with car manufacturers and healthcare companies outperforming. The performance of equities is also visible in the ranking of the Flow Traders Investment Competition.

Last Wednesday Intel confirmed that flaws reported by researchers could allow hackers to steal sensitive information from electronic devices. The same day Intel shares declined 3.4%. Investors are worried about the potential financial liability and reputational hit from the disclosed security flaws in its widely used microprocessors. Shares of rival Advanced Micro Devices climbed 4.9% as investors speculated the No. 2 maker of microprocessors could benefit from the situation.

Most Investment Groups made a nice return last week. Concordia Investments took over the first place from ATC Investments with a total return of 3%. The notable winner of the week is Primus again. Their weekly return increased more than 5%. MBA investors recovered from their small loss with a weekly return of 4.48% and gained 3 spots in the ranking. On the other hand, Fundamenta Fortis lost 1.66% and took over the last place from Conquistadores Capital.

Written by Ahmed Mustafa