BUX Warm-up Competition Week 1 Update

The BUX Warm-up Competition started last week, so let’s evaluate how our investors have been doing so far! We started the competition with almost 100 new and experienced traders, of which most already actively traded and speculated last week. Let’s see who is in the money and who is out of the money!

BUBBEL is currently in first place with an absolute return of almost 70%. Right now, it definitely looks like BUBBEL’s “bubble” strategy is working. But the real question is whether BUBBEL’s bubble is going to burst?  Markets have been volatile in the last couple of days, and in this risky business nothing is without uncertainty. The best advice is to keep on trading to still have a chance at winning the grand prices in the upcoming weeks.

When there are bulls in the market, there must be bears. Currently in the last place is NIHUANG_JUNZHU, with a negative return of almost 92%. NIHUANG_JUNZHU strategy isn’t working obviously, but maybe  NIHUANG_JUNZHU is able to shift the tide and make some decent return in the upcoming weeks. Whatever the outcome may be, we wish you good luck with trading in the BUX Warm-up Competition!

Top 5

  1. BUBBEL (+68,15%)
  2. FALLING_KNIFE (+57,20%)
  3. BARTKERS1 (+46,03%)
  4. SEOULL (+11,49%)
  5. CASPERGHOST (+9,64%)

Bottom 5

  1. SHIDONI (-73,53%)
  2. ROEMERT22 (-74,49%)
  3. LEBENRUHTONEN (-84,26%)
  4. 499083 (-86,42%)
  5. NIHUANG_JUNZHU (-91,85%)