BUX Warm-up Competition Week 2 Update

The tension in the BUX Warm-up competition is reaching to new heights. There are only 10 trading days left in the BUX competition. There is still a chance to beat our current and new number one FALLING_KNIFE. FALLING_KNIFE has an absolute return of 60,86% and beat last weeks number one BUBBEL, who has a negative return of almost 30%. It sure looks like BUBBEL’s bursted last week.

Besides this, a lot of participants saw volatile returns this week. The last couple of days have been very turbulent for financial markets. The S&P 500 headed for its first weekly gain in a month as results from Q3 earnings showed a positive result. The 10-year treasury yield rose to 3.20 percent as China and the US agreed to meet on the sideline before the G-20 summit in November, cooling trade tensions. Meanwhile, Italy dominated the headlines in Europe, as their proposed budget deficit shocked financial markets. The news led to rising yields of the 10-year Italian government bond to the highest level since 2014.

Top 5:
1. FALLING_KNIFE (+60,86)
2. BARTKERS1 (+37,61%)
3. BRUNIHO (+30,24%)
4. PAPAETHAN (+17,29%)
5. TRIPPELD(+15,59%)

Bottom 5:
89. ROEMERT22 (-69,21%)
90. SHIDONI (-78,51%)
91. LEBENRUHTONEN (-84,31%)
92. 499083 (-86,42%)
93. NIHUANG_JUNZHU (-91,71%)