BUX Warm-up Competition update #3

As of today, there are only a few more trading days left in our BUX Warm-up competition. This means that we are also getting closer to finding out who will win the first prize of €150! Currently FALLING_KNIFE is still the absolute untouched number 1 of the BUX Warm-Competition 2018. But will he be able to keep his lonely stop at the top? FALLING_KNIFE seems to have a passive strategy right now, because he has the exact same return as last week (+60,86%).

Unfortunately for some of our BUX’ers, the bottom five hasn’t changed too much. An exception is BUX’er WINSTONIUM, whose return has improved significantly over the last couple days. His return went from -80% to +30% thanks to his Tesla position, which initially caused a loss but he believed in Elon Musk and held his Tesla position tight. He made the right decision, as he is currently in third place.

Exciting times are ahead as the competition will end on November 1st. The winner of the BUX competition will be announced one week later! Will FALLING_KNIFE take home the grand prize? During these last couple of days, our investors will have to give all they’ve got. There are still a lot of companies that will report their earnings over the upcoming few days. For example General Electric on Tuesday 30th of October and Wednesday 31th of October Tesla, General Motors and Airbus. These earnings announcements provide opportunities to improve your profits during the last week of the BUX Warm-Up Competition. For now, good luck trading and see you all on November 8th!

Let’s see who is in the top 5 and who is falling behind:

Top 5:
1. FALLING_KNIFE (+60.86%)
2. BARTKERS1 (+39.04%)
3. WINSTONIUM (+31.65%)
4. TRIPPELD (+20.28%)
5. JESSYLEE (+19.83%)

Bottom 5:
90. LEBENRUHTONEN (-84.82%)
91. JOOSTVANESCH95 (-85.06%)
92. 499083 (-86.42%)
93. NIHUANG_jUNZHU (-91.35%)