Flow Traders Investment Competition | Week 8 | Ending it steady

Welcome to the final Flow Traders Investment Competition update of 2018. We reflect back on a year with its many ups and downs reflected in the weekly rankings.

In market news, the last holiday-shortened week of the year has been muted and uneventful, but that was far from how markets traded this week. Extreme volatility continued, with stocks finishing higher and breaking a three-week losing streak. Monday marked the worst Christmas Eve for the Dow in its history, and the S&P 500 flirted with a bear market (down 20% from its peak). Losses then reversed to gains the following business day, as oversold conditions and positive reports about consumer spending for the holiday shopping season led to stocks posting their best percentage gain since March of 2009.

Next Generation has taken the lead in the investment competition followed by Victoria, while Fides Investments took the largest week loss of about 0.52% so no panic in the kitchen. Still at the bottom Metrics Fund and Hercules are competing for last place. What happens in 2019, will the markets recover or will the markets slide?

The entire board of B&R Beurs wishes you a happy new year and best wishes!

source: EdwardJones