Political tension on the rise | Flow Traders Investment Competition | Week 27

A small overall downturn in the market place last week as the S&P 500 dropped by 0.92%. Dow Jones and Nasdaq both decreased by 0.80% while Eurostoxx 50 dropped by 3.36%.

On the worldstage, there has been more unrest between US and China. Trump claims that China did not keep to promises made during trade negotiations. China’s government denies this. Either way, Trump imposed further tariffs on Chinese imports, raising the rate from 10 to 25%. These developments seem to put the possibility of a trade agreement between the two countries further out of sight.

In Europe, parliamentary elections are approaching. They will be held from the 23rd to the 26st of May in all member states. We will be voting for one of eight groups, formed according to political ideology. The probable rise in far-right voters may disrupt the passing of EU laws in the years to come. These parties are often against the EU. Also, a large increase in seats for the far-right may of course have large consequences on the EU’s stance on migration.

On to the Flow Traders competition! Omega Investments is still in the lead, although they suffered a relatively large decrease in returns. However, they are still largely outperforming the number 2 in the competition: K2 Capital. They are an impressive riser compared to last week. While K2 Capital rose 11 places, Next Generation wasn’t so lucky and faced a loss of 11 places. In our B&R Beurs Investment Competition, Capital Phi Investments has taken the first place. They are the only group making a small profit in this competition. Heeren XIII, which is currently placed second, has a small negative return.

Written by Hazel Alberts

B&R Beurs Investment Competition