May Resigns | Flow Traders Investment Competition | Week 29

With rising trade tensions between US and China, global market index showed investors’ concerns over shrinking world trades. S&P 500 is down by 0.54% and Dow Jones Industrial average lost 0.89% this week. Eurostoxx 500 declined by 1.94%. FTSE 100 also decreased by 0.96%.

After the Trump administration put Huawei on the blacklist that threatens US national security, Google announced its plan to stop providing Android to Huawei. Reuters expects this executive order may reduce Huawei’s smartphone sales from 4 to 24 percent. Meanwhile US companies in China are facing some retaliatory measures from Chinese government such as slower customs clearance and more thorough inspections.

In the UK, Theresa May said she would resign from Conservative Party leader as of June 7th. An influential contender for the next leader, Boris Johnson showed his firm resolution on Brexit regardless of whether there would be deal or no deal on October 31st. In the EU, the election has ended as of May 26th. Early indications show that turnout is higher than that of 2014 in some countries such as Netherlands, Hungary, Italy and France.

For the Flow Traders Investment Competition, Victoria reclaimed the top spot this week gaining on Target Corp. and receiving dividends from United Internet AG. Fides Investment’s ranking rose six notches with gains on India ETF. Omega received dividend from Flow Traders, but lost on RESTORBIO and Alteryx and could not reverse last week’s downturn stepping down four places to No. 7. Floryn Vrouwen had losses on Spotify. Things are not good this week either for Merx, as its losses continue with stocks on Alibaba Turbo, Turtle Beach Corp, RCI Hospitality Holdings and DAX Turbo. MBA Investors lost on Alibaba and Facebook Turbo and Bayer AG.

For the B&R Investment Competition, which started two weeks ago for newly investing groups, Capital Phi Investments unyieldingly maintain the leading position. Heeren XIII is hot on the trail moving up two places with gains on Wolters Kluwers. Basura loses on Timber&Forestry ETF and Technology ETF. MFI Capital Partners lost on Nvidia and Baidu and sold their positions in Banco Bilbao and Continental AG. Let’s cheer for those who are having hard time making their first investments.

Written by Ahrim Kim

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