Just 1 week left | Flow Traders Investment Competition | Week 34

Along with positive sentiment surrounding trade talks between US and China, S&P500 continues its upward trend with a 0.79% increase in the last five days. The expectation that Fed would soon cut interest rates also contributed to last week’s stock market performance. The Nasdaq Composite gained 1.49% recording the biggest monthly rise of 7.4% since January. Eurostoxx 50 is up by 1.13% and FTSE 100 ended up recording a 0.31% increase.

The tension between US and Iran intensifies as Trump administration imposes a new sanction aimed at top officials in Iran, preventing them from accessing financial instruments. Some lawmakers are concerned with Trump going to war with Iran using the authorization issued in 2001. An amendment to the bill was suggested by Democrats to prevent any financing military supports that are not approved by Congress, but it encountered opposition from Republicans. Meanwhile, nuclear talks with North Korea seem to be going well, as Donald Trump visited North Korea crossing DMZ to meet Kim Jong Un and became the first US president to visit North Korea during his occupation of the Presidency. However, experts remain sceptical of possibility of this visit leading to successful denuclearization of North Korea.

In EU, economists urged governments to introduce carbon taxes to cut down carbon emissions and hit the net zero emission goal which is yet to be adopted by most of EU countries. Even for those who adopted the target (such as UK and Norway) still do not have any tangible policy to achieve it. According to the economists’ statement on carbon pricing, pricing on emissions is the most cost-effective way to reduce them.

Now for the last investment competition updates, the top 3 investment groups are blinded. On the 4th of July the competition ends, and the winner will be announced during the final announcement on July 11th. Capital Phi Investments gained on Flow Traders and Renault turbo longs and is now in top 3. Audacity lost on their initially successful Beyond Meat after repurchasing some of their stocks dropping to number 8. B.R.O.O.D Beleggers gained on Advanced Metallurgical Group Air Lease Corp, Basic-Fit, ING Group, LeClache and Scott’s Miracle-Gro. Hercules gained on Flow Traders and invested in an Ethereum Tracker (Cryptocurrency). 4 days more and the winner will be decided. Find out more during the BBQ!


Written by Ahrim Kim

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