My board experience – Tommy Hu

Dear Reader,

My name is Tommy Hu and I am the President of the 36th board of B&R Beurs. I became part of this association 3 years ago because I believed that B&R Beurs was the perfect place to foster my (at that moment basic) investment knowledge and to meet like-minded students. In this interview, light will be shed upon how it is to be President of this wonderful society. Are you still left with some unanswered questions? Please do not hesitate to contact me at, +31(0)6 48 67 55 05 or simply stop by our office (P-1.074)!

What was your motivation to apply for a board year at B&R Beurs?

Last academic year, I was very much enjoying my time as an active member of the Introduction Period Committee and the Activities Committee. I believed that it was the perfect balance between socializing with like-minded students and to learn more about investing. Besides, through B&R Beurs I was able to obtain an internship position at Masterdam.

I realized that B&R Beurs was playing a significant role in my personal development, which I am very grateful for. As a strong believer in reciprocity, I was extremely motivated to return the favor. As I was also looking for a challenge to take on this year beyond my studies, I decided to apply for a board year. It seemed to be the perfect combination to develop a varied skillset while being able to give back to the society.

What are your main responsibilities as President?

As President, you will have an abundance of tasks that requires very close attention. With regards to organizing events, it is your responsibility to deliver a successful edition of the Investment Week & Symposium and the LSE Alternative Investments Study Trip in London. Besides, you make sure that the collaboration with other study associations that are also part of Interfaculty Rotterdam is fruitful. Moreover, one of your priorities is to ensure that the entire board is operating smoothly and that you have a clear long-term vision for the society. Also, as the head of the society, you need to make sure that you lead and represent B&R Beurs in the best way possible. There are many other tasks, but as you can see, there is never a dull moment since the tasks are very diversified!

In your opinion, what skills should a good President possess?

I believe that a combination of strong interpersonal skills and having a great sense of responsibility are the most important traits of a good President. Besides, efficient time management is required in order to manage multiple tasks at once. This can deliver some stress in certain times, but it does keep a nice variety in your work! Moreover, being helpful and caring are vital personality traits since your fellow board members should be able to rely on you to receive support with all sorts of tasks. Furthermore, another essential trait is to be approachable. Getting to know your members is not only a lot of fun but at the end of the day, you are also here to make sure that your members enjoy their time at B&R Beurs.

What has been the most memorable experience for you so far?

With respect to my board year, I have already obtained countless memorable experiences. It is impossible to choose only one highlight. Therefore, I am going to share some of the best memories of my board year! One of the highlights of my board year so far is attending the LSE Alternative Investment Conference. A great number of high-profile keynote speakers provided us with very interesting insights. Besides, being able to connect with the brightest students at the conference was also a very rewarding experience. Another memorable event of my board year was organizing the Interfaculty Gala! It is a feast for the eyes to see your members dressed up fancy for this special occasion!

Finally, the bond that you will develop with your board is something truly special. It really does feel like a family, and you are in charge of keeping the family happy and running. Looking at how dedicated my fellow board members are, makes me very proud. And this family-like bond is the result of the accumulation of countless great experiences and laughs. (And to many more that are still yet to come!)

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