My board experience – Thom Tingen

Hi everyone! I hope that all of you are doing well in these extraordinary times. As most of you will be spending your time being bored at home, I’m delighted to be able to entertain you with a thrilling board-experience interview with myself!

My name is Thom Tingen and this year, I am the treasurer of B&R Beurs. In this article, I will tell you more about my motivation to apply for this position as well as how it is like to be the treasurer of our beautiful society. If you happen to have any more questions after this interview, feel free to contact me at or by calling +31643003394!

Why did you apply for a board year at B&R Beurs?

When I joined B&R and Investment Group Merx two years ago, I was highly encouraged to become active in our society. By joining the City Trip Committee that year, I got to know the society and its members more and more and had the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of our society to the fullest. Therefore, I deemed it a logical next step to give back to B&R so that’s one reason why I applied for this position. Secondly, I believe that a board year is a perfect fit for someone who wishes to further develop him- or herself outside their studies and it is a suitable way of differentiating yourself from fellow students. Taking all the above into account, a board year at B&R would be the perfect fit for me!

What are your main tasks as Treasurer?

My main task as treasurer is to keep our society financially healthy. As we are a society, I continuously ask myself: “How do we create as much value as possible for our members?”. This needs to be done with the mission and vision of B&R in the back of my mind and I have, together with my fellow board members, to enhance the balance between social, career and education as well. This is easier said than done as this may result in conflicting opinions on how we should allocate our assets. To optimize this decision-making process, you need to make appropriate budgets, challenge and discuss ideas and proposals with other board members to create as much value as possible with the assets we allocate and analyze past events and expenses to learn valuable lessons and optimize our future asset allocation.

As a treasurer, you can also take a proactive role in looking at B&R’s long-term plans and strategy, and use your knowledge to help your fellow board members guide the society in the right direction and hence let it achieve its goals while having a good time too!

I am also in charge of both the Editorial and City Trip committee this year. Two very different committees, but that makes supervising them both very fun to do!

What skills should a good Treasurer possess in your opinion?

As a treasurer, not everyone will be happy with you all the time. Especially at the beginning of the year, you must tell some of your fellow board members “no”. This is because resources are scarce and future income uncertain. You should be able to stand your ground and make decisions that can seem unreasonable or unfair for others. It is important to take other board members along in your thoughts and decision-making process, so clear communication is also important! The third characteristic of a good treasurer is, in my opinion, the ability to look at the bigger picture. This is essential for letting the society achieve its long-term goals and to ensure continuity within our association, which is led by different board members each year.

What have you learned during the past year?

As a treasurer, you have a supporting role and you are working at the back-end of the society, just as the secretary. I learned that when you are being proactive, you can better help other board members with achieving their goals and you enable them to get things done in a timely matter! As I am not that proactive all the time myself, this was something that I really learned to do more. I’ve also learned to better motivate and formulate the reasons why I make certain decisions. Even though they may seem logical from a financial perspective, others might not understand those decisions and it might even cause disappointment. Communicating clearly results in more understanding.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned this year is that a board year is an unforgettable experience with a lot of highs, laughs, new friends, unbreakable friendships with your fellow board members, memorable nights and an enormous boost for personal growth!

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