Who are the B&R Beurs ALUMNI?

Established in 1983, the founders of B&R Beurs ordered their first trades via a fixed line and were the source of inspiration for the movie Wall Street, directed by Oliver Stone, in 1987. In the beginning B&R Beurs was not familiar with the investment group structure as we know it nowadays. B&R Beurs was divided in different funds, all focused on different industries. Agriculture, fuels, financial institutions and construction where among the most popular funds. Every fund had its own coordinator and all coordinators together formed the B&R Beurs board.

+2000 number of alumni that already enjoyed their time at B&R Beurs

3 years the average time alumni were member of B&R Beurs

6 years the average time former members are alumnus of B&R Beurs

30 number of countries that the alumni have spread over after their time at B&R Beurs. Did you know that our alumni come from more than 50 different countries across the globe?

Former President Joris Kleyheeg

Though I’m formally still member of B&R Beurs, not alumni (proudly admitting), most of you probably will not know me. Without making me feel old, I admit to be of the old generation. In the year 2011, I became a member of this back then cozy and growing society. A society with sometimes only 30 people chatting at a drink. By now it has grown substantially in members, professionality and reputation. I am honored to have been able to contribute to these successes with my great fellow board members in the year of 2012/2013. Though working for a few years by now, I am glad to still see the society evolve and able to contribute to it through the academies.

Thinking about my years at this society, my board year is one of the highlights. This was the year the board became international and we had a growth which has not been seen before. Professionalization was needed, including ICT developments, and we needed to improve the know-how of the members, while the sponsoring was not yet aligned to the large growth. Quite some challenges. Illustrative for fast growing organizations. Though we had some struggles within the board, I am still proud of my fellow board members, we successfully faced the challenges together. Even in tough times we were able to stay a team.

Besides the fact we still meet up around 4 times a year, I am also glad to have met lots of people who I am still befriended with. I am therefore grateful for the decision to become a member. The uniqueness of a society which shares knowledge on a high level, helps you develop with your career and offers the opportunity to meet like-minded and friendly people. With the current growth, this is something I think should be monitored. Growth can be killing for a culture and unique aspects of an organization. Therefore, I would love B&R Beurs in the future to still be that personal and knowledgeable society with its combinations of seriousness and fun.

Why? Simply because I hope B&R Beurs will enrich other people’s lives as well as it did mine. For me it has contributed a lot to my personal development, direction of career and skill set. It forms an element of where I am standing today. Currently I founded and am running a family office for a successful entrepreneur. In this family office we run asset management, private equity and real estate investing. We are now with a relatively small team in charge of the family office. My goal for the coming years is to increase that wealth substantially, but most of all build a successful business empire.

This opportunity came on my path because I was willing to take a risky jump on the so called passing train. I really hope you are able to take that step out of your comfort-zone in the future as well. People sometimes tend to stay passively and hold on to what they have, but it can be so much more fun to take a challenge. Adventures are the stories being told. Becoming a member of B&R Beurs has been one of them.