Extended Deadline Board Recruitment!

The deadline to apply for next year’s board is extended to Sunday the 26th of April, 23:59. If you have any questions after reading this page, feel free to contact us here.

A board year provides a unique opportunity to get executive experience leading one of the largest associations on campus. Work on your soft and hard skills, gain valuable connections and create lifelong friendships with your fellow board members. Are you up for the challenge of being in charge of the association? Apply now to be part of the 37th Board of B&R Beurs!

Are you interested and do you want to know more about what a board year exactly entails? Join us at one of our virtual Board Interest Q&A’s! These sessions will take place via Zoom, video conferencing software that you can download on your phone or laptop for free. To download Zoom on your laptop, click here. You will have the opportunity to talk to all of the board members in their own sessions where you can ask all of your questions! The sessions are scheduled as followed:

Session 1: Thursday 26th of March 17:00-19:00

17:00-17:40: President, Secretary, and Treasurer

18:00-18:40: Activities & Marketing, External Affairs, and Education & Career

Session 2: Live Q&A on Thursday 9th of April 17:00 – 19:00

Click here to join our Virtual Board Q&A!

In the meantime, you can read about our experiences as board members of B&R Beurs!

Read about Tommy’s experience as President here.

Read about Mathilde’s experience as Secretary & Vice-President here.

Read about Thom’s experience as Treasurer here.

Read about Lucas’s experience as Commissioner of Activities & Marketing here.

Read about Tim’s experience as Commissioner of External Affairs here.

Read about Alain’s experience as Commissioner of Education & Career here.

If you have more questions or you are not able to join our Virtual Board Interest Session, you can always contact us via email (board@bnrbeurs.nl) or social media! 

Application procedure

Step 1: Send your CV and motivation letter to board@bnrbeurs.nl. Also, provide us with (at most) your top 3 preferred functions within the board and make sure that your motivation letter includes an elaboration on why you chose these functions. The extended deadline for board applications is the 26th of April 23:59.

Step 2: You will be invited for an interview. Beforehand, the Board will provide you with a case that you have to solve in preparation for the interview.