Landing your first job is a journey. What better way to prepare for the journey is to equip yourself with the necessary skills. You can get an edge in this journey by joining the B&R Beurs Banking & Valuation boot camp.

This course aims to teach the three main valuation methods as well as give insights in the investment banking and corporate finance industry from the perspective of recent industry professionals. During the boot camp, you will learn how to prepare for the upcoming recruitment session this Fall and basic valuations and modelling skills that will serve as a solid basis for further education. Additionally, at the end of boot camp students will have an opportunity to test their technical skills by solving a practical business case. The winning team will receive cash prize.

Outline of the boot camp:
Lesson 1: Introduction to Industry (20.05):
Career success stories
Introduction to valuation

Lesson 2: Discounted Cash Flows (22.05):
Building a DCF model

Lesson 3: Relative Valuation (24.05):
Comparative Company Analysis
Precedent Transaction Analysis

Case Day: Company case by TransMatch Capital Partners (31.05, full day)
Implementing knowledge in a practical valuation case

All three lessons will take place from 17:00 to 19:30. While the times for the case day will be announced. It is allowed to only miss one lesson. The case is mandatory!

The boot camp is recommended for all members of B&R Beurs. For those Bachelor 1 students taking up the challenge, a steep learning curve is guaranteed!

Deadline to apply: Friday May 17th 23:59

Participation fee: 10,-

I am aware that I hereby subscribe for the for the B&R Beurs Banking & Valuation Boot Camp

I am aware that cancellation should be at least 24 hour in advance, otherwise 15 euros will be charged.

Hereby, I give B&R Beurs permission to use my information for the B&R Beurs Banking & Valuation Boot Camp to contact me and my cv may be shared with third parties.

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