Almanac 2019-2020

Have you enjoyed this year at B&R Beurs? The moment you’ve all been waiting for is almost there, the release of the yearly Almanac! As is tradition, this year’s edition includes a recap of the events of the past year, an overview of all Investment Groups and much more. This indispensable addition to your bookcase will be available for purchasing for the low-price of only 5 euros!

In addition to this, the Almanac will be delivered to your home address and you don’t have to pay for those delivery costs (if you live in the Netherlands).

For internationals who are temporarily abroad, we recommend you to let the Almanac be delivered at a friend’s home in the Netherlands. For those who want the Almanac to be delivered outside of the Netherlands, additional delivery costs will be charged afterwards.

The Almanac will be delivered to your home address around the end of June 2020.

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If you wish to receive the Almanac, please send an email to