Education & Career

There are many of events that B&R Beurs offers you to get closer your first full-time job. On this page, you will find out what these events exactly entail, what you can do to get the maximum benefit out of these events and what these benefits exactly are. In general, these events can be divided into 4 categories: company events, educational events, network events and career skills events.

Company Events

We at B&R Beurs do our utmost best to attract the best companies in the industry. Years of hard work have resulted in a solid base of partners from the financial industry: asset management, hedge funds, private equity, trading and risk management, to name a few. Since these partners are eager to attract top students, we are happy to fill their vacancies with our members.

By attending in-house days, workshops and professional academies, you can get in the picture of the company of your choice. If you are interested in applying for a company then we will personally help you in preparing your application rounds. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to get to know companies and find your future job.


Knowledge is key. Employers attach a lot of value to the knowledge students gain at B&R Beurs. The Academies of B&R Beurs are designed to provide you with a practical angle to investing. Every Thursday at 17:00, our industry experts will be presenting an academy about topics that every investor needs to know. Members that want to be able to actually show their knowledge can apply for the B&R Beurs Investor Exam. Once you have successfully completed this exam, you will earn the B&R Beurs Investor Certificate!

We offer many other educational opportunities. Would you like to get a great start in investing? Then order the B&R Investment Guide. This guide will cover the topics of the Academies and present it in a fun to read format. Interested in corporate finance? We will offer several sessions about previous M&A deals and insights from members with a background in corporate finance.


Knowing the right people at the right time is of the essence for most professionals. B&R Beurs has a lot of experienced members that not only can help you in making choices about your future career, but also help you have a great time during studies. Joining an Investment Group that suits your preferences and a committee will get you into contact with a lot of members. Each Investment Group and committee has different people with different goals. Make sure you talk to the members and find out which group or committee fit you.

To get into contact with other members it would be advisable to attend the drinks and activities regularly. Here you can get to know different people with a drink in your hand. Investment ideas, CV tips and tricks and career advice can be gained here. Make sure you don’t miss out!

Career Skills Workshops

Next to knowledge and a network, skills can be decisive in application processes. It is harder to write a proper motivation letter or to compile a good looking CV than you would think at first instance. Even if you have a good CV and motivation letter, knowing which type of questions you can expect at your interview can reduce a lot of stress and significantly increases your probability to be selected. Luckily, B&R Beurs has experienced members that are willing to train you. We offer several workshops to help you improve your application and get you that internship or job!

If you have any questions or remarks about the possibilities at B&R Beurs then feel free to send us an email at or talk to us during one of our many events.