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What is B&R Beurs?

B&R Beurs is the student investment society of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Our mission is to help our members and with learning everything about investing. We shape this purpose by different means such as the B&R Academy, where new members are taught about the financial world by veteran members of the society and by guest lecturers. Furthermore, every year the society organizes an investment competition with real money. Investing takes place on a group level, with groups having between seven and twenty students. Each member can choose an investment group. This is the core activity of B&R Beurs, and parallel to this we have a range of fun activities including bi-weekly social drinks, a poker tournament, a study trip, beer and wine tastings, etc.

Can I join B&R Beurs throughout the year?

Yes, you can join B&R Beurs throughout the whole year but the group formation period is only during October. Most investment groups do not search for new members throughout the year so joining an investment group will be difficult. You can however still join all the academies and activities we host.

Can I combine B&R Beurs with membership of other associations?

Yes, this is done quite often. B&R Beurs doesn’t have to take much time and you can decide how much time you put in.

What are the costs of becoming a member of B&R Beurs?

The yearly membership fee is €49.50 and the registration fee is €10,- (this is a one-time fee).

I am interested in becoming a member of B&R Beurs, where can I get some more information about B&R Beurs?

If you have specific questions, you can always send an e-mail to You can also find a lot of information here, on our website. If you want to get a better impression of the society, you can join one of the introduction drinks hosted every Thursday during September.

What is the Investment Week & Symposium (IW&S)?

The Investment Week & Symposium is the largest event B&R Beurs hosts. The Investment Week consists of workshops given by companies with different finance backgrounds. The Symposium takes place during the Investment Week. During this memorable night in De Doelen speakers from some of the best financial institutions come to tell you about a variety of topics.

Investment Groups

What are investment groups?

Investment groups are groups of between 10 and 25 members of B&R Beurs. The investment group compete with each other in the Investment Competition with the money members of the group put in. For most groups, the investment per member is between €200,- and €400,-. Investment groups are commonly referred to as Disputen in Dutch.

When are the investment groups formed?

The investment groups usually exist for multiple years. The investment groups search for new members during the group formation period (in October). You can talk to representatives of the different investment groups during the group formation drinks in October.

I want to start my own investment group, how do I do this and what are the requirements?

If you want to start an investment group, you’ll need a couple things: first of all, you’ll need enough members to join you. The minimum amount is ten and everyone has to be a member of B&R Beurs. After you have enough members, you have to choose a board for the group. The board consists of a chairman and a treasurer. Usually, the person who took the initiative to start the group becomes the chairman the first year. After you have decided who will form the board, contact the secretary at He will take you through the whole process of setting up everything your group needs.

I would like to join the dinner of an investment group, how can I do this?

If you want to dine with an investment group in order to get to know them better, you can contact the chairman of that investment group by sending an e-mail to their e-mail address. The e-mail addresses can be found here.

I would like to know more about the investment groups of B&R Beurs, where can I find this?

Each investment group has a page on our website with a small description of their group, their group picture and their contact info. These pages can be found under “Investment groups”.

Is experience in investing required to join an investment group?

No, most of our members don’t have experience in investing when they join our society. This is no problem at all.

Investment Competition

What is the investment competition?

The investment competition is our yearly competition in which the investment groups of our society compete in order to establish who has the best portfolio. Each group invests real money and the group with the highest capped M2 at the end of the year wins the competition. Every week, updates on the competition are posted online so investment groups see how they are doing in the competition.

Do I have to invest real money for the investment competition?

Yes, if you want to compete in the competition, you will have to invest real money (usually between €200,- and €400,- per person).

Do I have to be in an investment group in order to compete in the investment competition?

Yes, only investment groups can join the competition so you can’t compete on your own.

How do you measure the investment competition?

We measure the investment competition using the capped M2. This is a risk adjusted return measure, meaning that volatility is taken into account.



When are the introduction activities of B&R Beurs?

Usually the introduction activities take place during September. The first drink will be held on 7 September at 17:00 at In de Smitse.
From that date on, there will be introductory events on every Thursday during the whole month of September. See you there!

Do I have to register for the social drinks?

No, you don’t have to register, although you do have to be a member of B&R Beurs (this isn’t the case for the introduction drinks during September). We do however appreciate it if you let us know you are coming on the Facebook event of the drink.

On which days are the events of B&R Beurs usually hosted?

Our activities are usually on Thursdays. There are some activities on other days of the week but these are exceptions. We will keep you up to date in the weekly email.



What are the B&R Academies?

The B&R Academy is the best method for learning many things about investing. There is an academy every week on Thursday from 17:00 to 19:00 on campus. These academies will teach you everything you need to know about investing. The academies will cover theoretical concepts you may already know from your study, but from the perspective of an investor. This way you can translate these concepts and apply them to real-world examples. The academies will start from the basics but build up the level quickly, so you will be an experienced investor at the end of the year.

Do I have to register for Academies?

No, you don’t have to register, although you do have to be a member of B&R Beurs (this isn’t the case for the introduction academies during September). We do however appreciate it if you let us know you are coming on the Facebook event of the academy.

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