Hermanszoon Capital

The name Hermanszoon capital pays homage to the first financial daredevil of his age, Pieter Hermanszoon, the initial owner of a stock issued by the VOC. Which ultimately lead to the creation of the stock market on the Damrak

We, at Hermanszoon capital, follow his investment ambition and entrepreneurship. As a recently created group we try to envelop everyone’s vision on investing and are open to every member’s idea. Mutual learning and gains are the key values that we strive for.

The Members of Hermanszoon are assertive, ambitious and enterprising, neither do they shy away from a good party.

Together with our members we make a group that is both profitable and , as the dutch say, “gezellig.”​

For questions please contact us by emailing to hermanszooncapital@bnrbeurs.nl

Mail: hermanszooncapital@bnrbeurs.nl
Board 2018/2019

Chairman: Freek Schoffelmeer
Treasurer: –

Board 2017/2018

Chairman: Freek Schoffelmeer
Treasurer: Juriaan van den Baar

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