In-House Cycle

Welcome to the In-House Cycle!

This year the In-House Cycle will take place from the 13th till the 16th November 2018, during these days we will visit multiple companies; a different one every day. During the day, you will get screened and tested. You get challenged with a case and have the chance to convince the company that you are the one they are looking for!

The purposes of these days is to bring you in touch with different companies within the financial industry. This year ACT Commodities, Masterdam and Capitalmind will participate and it promises to be yet another successful year!

What kind of participants are we looking for?
 Final year of bachelor or Master students
Study background: Economics, Business, Econometrics, Finance

Keep in mind that the application deadline is the 4th  of November 23:59 for all events! 

Timetable In-House Cycle:

Date Company Time
Tuesday the 13th of November Masterdam 14:00 – 21:00
Wednesday the 14th of November ACT Commodities 14:45 – 17:30 with drinks until 20:00
Friday the 16th of November Capitalmind 14:00 – 17:30 with drink until 19:00

The subscriptions for the In-House Cycle 2018 are closed.