Introduction Period

If you are reading this, you are probably contemplating whether to join B&R Beurs and what a year at B&R Beurs looks like. Although it is completely up to you as a member to decide what events you want to participate in and how often, there are multiple guidelines throughout the year.

Introduction Period

The month September is completely about new members getting to know B&R Beurs. There are multiple events potential members and current members can participate in. It all starts at the information market during the Eurekaweek. It is the first opportunity for potential members to get to know B&R Beurs and its members. As soon as September starts, there will be three academies, three drinks at In de Smitse and three drinks at Apartt.

The academies do not only inform members about the basics of investing, but they also inform new members about how B&R Beurs works and what you can expect. At the same time there is a drink at in de Smitse, here it is possible to have personal conversations with members of the board, the introduction period committee and regular members. Do not be shy to ask what is on your mind!

Formation Period

The formation period covers the whole month of October. As a new member you have the choice to either join an existing Investment Group or start your very own Investment Group. Do you want to join an international, a group with a lot of social activities or a more investment centered group, it is all possible, the possibilities are nearly limitless!

During this period you join investment groups for dinner, get to know their members and afterwards have a beer with them at the drink. At the end of October you will submit your top three and cross your fingers that you can join the group of your choice, but remember, even if this might not be the case, you can always create or join a new group!

Investment Group

After the formation period, you became a member of an Investment Group. Usually every other Thursday the group will meet up to have dinner, discuss investment proposals and, afterwards, go to the drink. Although you might not yet know too much about investing, your group will help you get up to speed together with the frequent B&R Academies! Next to the regular meetings, most investment groups will also organize their own social events, like nights out or even a holiday with the group.

Regular Events

Next to the drinks and the social events organized by your group, there are also a lot of activities organized by B&R Beurs. These vary from a trip to the Euronext to a big Christmas dinner where close to 100 members participate. Next to the drinks, this is one of the most fun ways to get to know B&R members from other groups.

In the second part of the academic year, B&R Beurs offers a yearly study trip. On the study trip you will not only visit study related locations, but also get to know the city, relax and go out. Not only is the study trip very interesting, a cheap and efficient way to get to know a new city. It is also a place where new friendships are formed and existing ones strengthened. For more information about the regular events click here.

Investment Week & Symposium

The Investment Week & Symposium is B&R Beurs biggest event of the year. During the week there will be various workshops given by various companies, from hedge funds to private equity companies and more. But the highlight of the week is the Symposium. Throughout the evening, a total of four industry professionals and one moderator take the stage and share their views on the current financial market. During the symposium members can ask questions and afterwards there is the opportunity to have an in-depth conversation with one or more speakers.

Introduction Weekend & BBQ

The Introduction Weekend and BBQ is the opportunity for new members to get in contact with older members of B&R Beurs. For more information click here