Subscription introduction weekend

The Introduction Weekend will be held at Veldhoven this year, during the weekend of 28 September to 30 September. This is the perfect opportunity for new members to connect with other members of B&R Beurs. We recommend the first-year members to participate in this event. The application will open on Wednesday 19 September 9:00 AM for older members. If you subscribe before that date your application is not valid.

We will go with public transport on Friday, but we recommend, if possible, to go by car. There is free parking at the location. The fee for going on the weekend is 74.50 euros and will be deducted from your bankaccount.

B&R Beurs will provide drinks and food throughout the whole weekend.

Further information about packing lists will be communicated through the mail.

You can subscribe below for the Introduction Weekend. You are only allowed to go on the Introduction Weekend when you subscribed for B&R Beurs. If you are not a member yet then click here.

Cancellations after Wednesday 26th of September are not valid anymore. That means that you still have to pay the Introduction Weekend fee.

Please note that for now only two members per investment group are allowed, the third and latter members will be put on the waiting list due to demand,.

The subcriptions for this event are closed. To be put on the waiting list, please send an email to