Borsa Valori

Borsa Valori, founded in 2003, is the oldest investment group of B&R Beurs. Those who speak Italian already know where the name originates from, but for all the others: Borsa Valori means stock exchange in Italian. Appropriate isn’t it?

We’re a Dutch-speaking investment group with different backgrounds and studies. From history to econometrics students, 18 to 28, first-timers to experienced investors, we have it all! That way we can all learn from each other. We all have one thing in common: we’re studious, we’re all open for new ideas, and above all: sociability comes first.

Our 16 men-and-women investment group comes together every two weeks to exchange thoughts about investment opportunities while enjoying a beer and, of course, a home-cooked meal provided by one of our members. After the meeting, we leave the comfort of the home of our host, and go to the biweekly social drink in the Sus&Co for some more excitement!

At the beginning of each investment-year, we each put in 300 euro’s that will be used to invest with during the rest of the year. Two group members will each prepare an investment proposal, which will become available two days prior to the meeting. All members read the proposals in advance, and we will exchange ideas, share our opinions and debate about the proposal during the meeting. Afterwards we will vote, and if there’s a majority the investment product will be bought!
Of course, our investments will have to be sold again. We will talk on the forum about when it is the right time to sell, which enables us to react quickly on changes in our investment product.

That our way of investing works is shown by the high return that we’ve had in the past, for example in ’09-’10: over 50%!

Next to participating in the general educative and social activities that B&R Beurs has to offer, we also organize a lot of activities amongst ourselves: we celebrate Sinterklaasfeest (Dutch festivity), have Christmas dinner together, go on a trip for a weekend, enjoy a winetasting and a pub-crawl, go to several parties, you name it!
See you at the social drinks!

Board 2018/2019

Chairman: Gwendoline Eijsvogel
Treasurer: Evita Hoogeveen

Board 2017/2018

Chairman: Lucas Houben
Treasurer: Yannick van der Woude

Board 2016/2017

Chairman: Thiemo Kerklaan
Treasurer: Michael van Enkhuizen