Conquistadores Capital

“Discover and Conquer the Market”

Established in 2014, Conquistadores Capital combines serious investing with beer & pizza. Currently, we are a mixed Dutch-speaking investment group, consisting of enthusiastic members with broad interests, where investing is a common passion.

What we do
Every two weeks, members meet for dinner and subsequently attend the social drinks. In addition, we organise frequent meetings for discussing investment proposals and re-evaluating our portfolio. To aim for the top spot, last year we used a ‘Low Beta’ investment strategy and this year we aim to finish first. In addition to serious investing, we organise social events including poker nights, clubbing, paintball, sports and our annual trip abroad to cities such as: Lisbon, Prague and Budapest.

The members
Our group consists of a mix of veteran members and enthusiastic younger members. The senior members mentor new members with their first steps in making investment proposals (market research, company valuations and the pitch), where we stimulate thorough analysis of companies and macro-economic trends. Members choose to be proactive within and outside of B&R Beurs: board years, committees and internships at investment banks and asset managers. We aim to have a platform for our members to develop themselves.

Are you interested in getting to know us? We are recruiting new members this year! Meet us at the drinks and have a beer with us. If you have any questions or would you like to join us for dinner, send us an email at:

Board 2019/2020
Chairman: Adnaan Willson
Treasurer: Ming Cheng

Board 2018/2019
Chairman: Siebe Ammerlaan
Treasurer: Lemeng Li

Board 2017/2018
Chairman: Lemeng Li
Treasurer: Sander de Vos

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