Heeren XIII

It was a beautiful night in late October when thirteen young, ambitious men crossed each other’s paths and formed a collective that, as we would later see, is strongand warm.For members of Heeren XIII it’s important to combine pleasure with seriousness. We organize social activities, such as a yearly city trip, a Christmas dinner and pub crawls, but we also want to excel when it comes to investing. I would say that we take it even further then investing, within Heeren XIII we challenge each other to polish and strengthen your vision. Sometimes with heated discussion, but most of the time collaborative. One of the highlights of last year was our pub crawl in Utrecht; we lost a member (he turned up the following day), our chairman fell asleep in a pub and other members partied until the morning. Another highlight was the B&R Beercantus where we didn’t let one person go on stage, but went forward collectively. Heeren XIII, the collective of free thinkers, is here to change the game.

Mail: heeren13@bnrbeurs.nl
Board 2019/2020

Chairman: Maurits Schuurman
Treasurer: Sebastian Cornielje