Midas Investments

“Then the god [Bacchus], happy at his foster-father’s return, gave Midas control over the choice of a gift, which was pleasing, but futile, since he was doomed to make poor use of his reward. ‘Make it so that whatever I touch with my body, turns to yellow gold’ he said. Bacchus accepted his choice, and gave him the harmful gift […]” (Ovid, Metamorphoses book XI)

As king Midas, our group aims at transforming every investment opportunity into a “golden touch”. Our vision is clear: outperforming the AEX and the S&P 500, while enriching our learning experience and having fun. Ultimately, we want to build solid friendship’s ties beyond the investment competition.

Our history is encapsulated in our motto: Passion Yields Results. We are indeed convinced that passion and motivation are the fundamental ingredients needed for success; and we have already demonstrated this belief in the past. In fact, founded in 2013, Midas Investments was mainly composed by 13 enthusiastic – yet mostly inexperienced – second year IBA students. Despite the lack of technical knowledge, our strong friendship ties coupled with a shared passion for investing ultimately made us achieve the third place in the Optiver competition (2013).

Passion is our strength, diversity our opportunity. Therefore, we do welcome every type of student in terms of background, investing experience, nationality and type of study/level of education. Only one condition: 4/5 hours weekly commitment to the meetings, group dinners and social drinks & activities.

Are you social, eager to learn and enthusiastic? Then we encourage you to apply and to make the difference for our group!

Mail: midasinvestments@bnrbeurs.nl
Board 2019/2020

Chairman: Alex Cheung
Treasurer: Gabriel Kunz

Board 2018/2019

Chairman: Kawah Zheng
Treasurer: Rron Haliti

Board 2017/2018

Chairman: Mark Al
Treasurer: Johann Marcus Eversley