Porto d’Oro

Porto d’Oro (formerly CFQ-2) was founded in 2011 and stems from CFQ which is one of the oldest and most experienced investment groups within B&R. Our name is a combination of the ‘port’ of Rotterdam, and ‘gold’ for our investments.

We are a sociable and diverse investment group, consisting of both men and women, experienced and less experienced investors, and with many different academic backgrounds. Furthermore, we are one of the largest and most energetic investment groups within B&R, currently consisting of 22 members. Therefore, we have divided ourselves into smaller groups of four or five members, in order to focus on specific investment markets, such as commodities, luxurious consumer goods, or foreign currencies, and to allow the less experienced investors to learn from the members with more experience. Every other Thursday the whole group has dinner at one of the member’s apartments or a nice restaurant to discuss the proposals, before attending the B&R drinks at Divoza.

Apart from investing, we are an active, fun group of friends. Our investment group likes to organize social activities, ranging from a group weekend in March to a movie night, parties (often after the B&R drinks), and extra dinners.

Mail: portodoro@bnrbeurs.nl
Board 2019/2020

Chairman: Lina Segers
Treasurer: Martijn Bresters

Board 2018/2019

Chairman: Jurre Blankestijn
Treasurer: Koen van Hensbergen

Board 2017/2018

Chairman: Jurre Blankestijn
Treasurer: Niels Verlinden