Primus was founded in 2013 by first year students of the Erasmus University, which makes us one of the newest and most ambitious investment groups in the competition of B&R Beurs.  Our motto is “velut arbor aevo”, which means “may we grow as a tree through the ages”.  In the past two years we have become a close group, consisting of Dutch-speaking men and women. Every two weeks we meet to exchange thoughts about potential opportunities in the markets and eat dinner together afterwards. At these meetings members present their investment proposal, and once the majority agrees, it will be bought! When we are finished we go to Apartt, where we share a drink with the other investment groups. We like to attend other activities B&R organizes, like the wine tasting and the poker tournament. For the coming year we are planning to go on a trip for a long weekend somewhere in Europe. This gives us the opportunity to create a perfect balance between social activities and investing. If you’d like to get to know us, feel free to introduce yourself! You can always contact us by sending an email to, join one of our meetings or share a beer at the B&R drinks!

Board 2018/2019

Chairman: Jasper Bonsma
Treasurer: Niels Hack

Board 2017/2018

Chairman: Mathilde de Jonge
Treasurer: Lennon van Laar

Board 2016/2017

Chairman: Ahmed Mustafa
Treasurer: Pim Somerwil