B&R Beurs organizes several drinks throughout the year. This is the ideal place for members to get to know each other and discuss their investments with other groups.

At the start of the year, we organise introductory drinks where non-members are invited to get to know B&R Beurs and its members. The group formation drinks follow, where you can get acquainted with investment groups. It is the perfect occasion to meet chairmen and members of investment groups, see if they fit your needs, or eventually create your own group.

During the rest of the year we have a drink every two weeks, for members to enjoy time together. In these drinks, guest speakers or sponsors may participate or even sponsor the drink. This gives them a good opportunity to get an impression of B&R Beurs. B&R Beurs makes a budget for every night so that members can have drinks that are for a big part at the expense of the society. These drinks are generally only for B&R members, but if you’re interested in B&R, you are always welcome to visit us and get an impression of our association. For a detailed schedule, see the agenda.

 We hope to see you at our drinks!