Interfaculty Gala: Roaring 2020’s

Interfaculty Rotterdam is a collaboration of several study associations located in Rotterdam. Together with ACE, FAECTOR, In Duplo, MAEUR and SHARE, B&R Beurs organizes the Interfaculty Gala, which will be held at Eethiek. This is a perfect opportunity to meet students from different study associations and have a great time together! For more information, please see our Facebook

Please note that there are limited tickets available. After filling out this form, you have 48 hours to confirm your tickets by transferring €39,50 per ticket to NL13ABNA0501117555, using the following format: ‘Interfaculty Gala Name’. Failing to do so within 48 hours will cancel the reservation. 

Declares, 1) hereby that he/she agrees that pictures taken may be used for promotion and marketing of B&R Beurs and Interfaculty events. You always reserve the right to withdraw this permission. 2) hereby that he/she (and other attendee) are 18 years or older. Your ID will be checked at the entrance. Not 18 or no valid ID = no entrance & refund! 3) hereby that he/she will pay the full amount due (€39.50 per ticket) to NL13ABNA0501117555 within 48 hours in order to confirm the subscription.

Note: please don't forget to check your spambox for the confirmation e-mail!