Legio Aerarii is a fairly young investment fund with a focus on learning about investing, making a
profit, and having fun while doing so.

We consist of 12 members who are students from the Erasmus School of Economics (BSc2,
IBEB, Econometrics) and also accept students from other faculties of Erasmus University. One of
the key factors to become a part of our team is an undying passion for investing and finance.

Legio Aerarii consists of a number of dynamic sub groups – in the sense that there is not a fixed
number of sub groups – which are currently divided over the following sectors: oil companies,
foods, tabacco and alcohol, and technology.

The meetings of Legio Aerarii form the most important body of power. Every important decision
gets voted upon during these meetings, which enables every member to have a voice in Legio

Besides investing (and meetings) we also like to organize small events together such as dinners
and poker nights, as Legio Aerarii is about more than investing.

Board 2019-2020
Chairman: J. Ten Brink
Treasurer: A.J.H. Diepstraten

Board 2018-2019
Chairman: J. Ten Brink
Treasurer: A.J.H. Diepstraten