Online Activities Competition

Due to the current situation, our normal social activities cannot take place for a while. Therefore, we have come up with some online activities to keep you entertained in the meantime! Over the coming weeks, several online activities will take place. Prizes will be awarded for the winner of each activity. To find out which Investment Group does best in these activities overall, we will be hosting a small Online Activities Competition! All activities are played individually, but the Activities Committee will keep track of which Investment Group you belong to. In that way, the points you individually earn will count towards the total achieved by your Investment Group. In the end, we can see which Investment Group has got the most points! Participation in each of the events themselves is also possible if you are not a member of an Investment Group, and participation in all events is free for members of B&R Beurs.

There are two main parts to the competition. First of all, several online activities will be hosted where points can be earned. The schedule for these activities can be seen below. More activities will be added soon! The second part of the online competition is a weekly estimation game regarding index prices. This game will be published in the B&R Weekly Mail, sent every Monday by Mathilde. The first estimation game will be available on Tuesday, April 14th, so keep an eye on your mailbox!

For each online activity, and for each estimation game, the top 5 individuals will earn points for their Investment Group. The nr. 1 player will receive 5 points, the nr. 2 will receive 4 points, and so on. After each of the activities, a competition update with interim scores per Investment Group will be posted on this page!

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Online Activities

As part of the Online Activities Competition, we will host several online activities! Keep an eye on our Weekly Mail for information regarding new online activities! For each online activity, the top 5 individuals will earn points for their Investment Group. Besides, we will also give away prizes to individuals who do well in online activities!

Click here to see the Online Activities and participate in them! 

Estimation Games

In every weekly mail, an Estimation Game will be announced! The goal is to estimate the closing price of a certain index on the Friday of the week in which the Weekly Mail is sent. The Estimation Games are only available on Mondays until 23:59, so if you want to participate, be on time!

Click here to see the Estimation Games and participate in them! 

Competition Update

After the B&R Pub Quiz, the B&R Poker Tournament, the Live Pub Quiz, the Instagram Quarantaine Challenge, and five Estimation Games, 9 Investment Groups have earned points in the Online Activities Competition. A lot happened in the competition over the past week! The current top 5 is as follows:

  1. Borsa Valori (29 points)
  2. Capital Phi Investments (27 points)
  3. Floryn Vrouwen (24 points)
  4. Merx (17 points)
  5. B.R.O.O.D. Beleggers (14 points)

The battle is definitely heating up! The Online Activities Competition will last for 10 weeks and will end on June 21st.