The B&R Beurs Career Days will take place from the end of October till the end of November 2019, during the career days students can get in touch with multiple companies in various ways; such as an in-house day and company dinners.

One of the purposes of the week is to bring our students in touch with different companies within the financial industry. This year participating companies include IBS Capital Allies, SilverCross, BrightStone Group, Deloitte and UTR8.

  • Deloitte Company dinner ~ Deadline 23 October 23:59
    Deloitte is uniquely placed to advise strategic corporate buyers and private equity investors throughout the entire M&A deal life cycle. Their range of services and solutions address integration, consolidation and separation needed throughout the life cycle of the transaction. With over 6.000 M&A professionals operating worldwide, it is one of the largest companies in this field.
    Want to know what it is like to work at Deloitte? Apply for the company dinner and talk to the dealmakers!

  • Brightstone Group Company dinner ~ Deadline 27 October 23:59
    Are you looking for a career in finance, but are you not entirely sure what specific job in finance is right for you? Then apply for the BrightStone Group company dinner, and find out about the Young Professionals program. In this program, you will be placed at one of BrightStone Group’s clients for a year, while you follow a personal development program at the BrightStone Group.
    Want to know more about BrightStone Group and the Young Professionals program? Apply for the company dinner and get to know the possibilities!
  • SilverCross/ IBS Capital Allies In-House day Deadline 10 November 23:59
    Are you passionate about investing? Is your dream job to make sound investment decisions to beat the market for your clients? Then apply for this in-house day with both SilverCross and IBS Capital Allies! SilverCross and IBS Capital Allies are both asset management firms, with equity investment strategies focused on high-quality companies. Come to the in-house day to learn about both firms, get to know the culture, and show your analytical skills.

  • UTR8 In-House day Deadline 18 November 23:59
    UTR8 was founded in 2011 as a proprietary trading firm by former partners of one of the leading firms in the business. Trading on their own account and risk, they maintain a continuous market presence on many major exchanges around the world.
    Want to know what it is like to work at UTR8? Apply for this event and get to know the company!

Contact for more information about the possibilities.