With more than a thousand active members, a fresh new website and an active Facebook network, B&R Beurs has enough exposure to offer. Recruiting the best students is not only about offering the best internships or jobs it’s also about making students aware of your company and its opportunities.

We offer not only online exposure but also offline exposure. One of our main pillars is education, we host several lectures of our own, but once a month we organize a guest lecture. Not only do we offer the chance to help educating our members but also to represent your company.

Another offline exposure possibility is an article or advertisement in our B&R Magazine. We publish three magazines every year; in August, January and for the Symposium. These three magazines have a reach of about 800 of our members. The August edition serves as an introduction magazine for all new members. The January edition serves as an informational magazine with summaries of last year’s economical phenomena and with enticing articles from various professionals about the past, present and future. The Symposium edition is a magazine solely for the Symposium and will be distributed during the Symposium. Above all this, many professionals from outside the society will read this edition.


Facebook & LinkedIn post: Since we have optimized our Facebook & LinkedIn algorithms and we have a very active community of people who are engaged with our society. Facebook & LinkedIn is the perfect way to promote your company and its events.

Mailing: Due to our detailed and up to date database we are able to target exactly the group of students you are interested in. All to meet your specific needs.

Event page: If you organize an event of your own like a networking drink or a Masterclass we gladly give you the opportunity to promote your event at our website. Your event will be promoted at one of our three main page tiles.

Partner page: With a partner page you become a prime partner of B&R Beurs, your logo will be present at our main page and there is no way our members can’t escape your presence. With a partner page members can easily find your company profile and the link to your website. An additional benefit of a partner page is the possibility to post an unlimited number of vacancies.