Why choose for B&R Beurs?

B&R Beurs is the official Erasmus Investment Society since 1983. In the beginning, B&R Beurs was a society counting around 250 members. Ever since then B&R Beurs has grown. Counting around a thousand members nowadays and still growing.

The members of B&R Beurs are studying various subjects ranging from business administration to economics and econometrics. The goal of B&R Beurs is to educate her members about investing and to add extra value to the courses given at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. B&R Beurs does this by hosting (guest) lectures, workshops, and various other (career) events. Besides that, the members of B&R Beurs can join one of the 40 investment groups and compete in our annual investment competition.

Each group member puts in an amount of money, which is invested collectively in a wide range of financial products. The investment group that performs best during the year wins the Investment Competition. The performances are measured each week by means of the Modigliani risk-adjusted performance measure.

As stated in the first paragraph, B&R Beurs experienced an immense increase in members, but despite this growth, the core principles of B&R Beurs stayed the same. What distinguishes the society from other study associations is the commitment of our members. B&R Beurs organizes various social events besides her bi-weekly drinks. These social events ensure the commitment of our members. Like-minded students not only meet each other at our social socials events, but also become friends for life and kickstart their careers via B&R Beurs.

This commitment affects our career events directly. Members, mostly in a later phase of their study, tend to be more interested in our marketed internships and jobs compared to other student associations. But still feel the commitment to B&R Beurs. This is visible in our recruitment database.

B&R Beurs also manages her own recruitment database, which means that for students who are interested in an internship or job, a career profile is created. With this profile our Career & Educational Officer tries to find the perfect internship or job for our member.

We not only try to bring our members into contact with the perfect employer, we also try to prepare them for their internship or future job. B&R Beurs organizes various events where students for example are taught to write a motivation letter, a resume or how to use Excel and the Bloomberg terminal. Besides these hard skills our members also develop their soft skills, for example they pitch their investment proposal to their investment group.

Summarizing B&R Beurs delivers well prepared and highly motivated students on a continuous basis, because of her career events and the commitment B&R Beurs members have with the society.

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